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Loans granted by FUIB to agricultural businesses exceed UAH 1 billion
06 August 2013
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Lending to agribusinesses is one of the top-priority activities of First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB), which is confirmed by the positive dynamics in the Bank’s loan portfolio. Within January-June 2013 FUIB granted new agricultural loans to the total of nearly UAH 600 million, which is one third up year-over-year. Thus, over the 1st half of 2013 the agricultural loan portfolio of FUIB exceeded UAH 1 billion.

The share of loans to agribusinesses in the total corporate loan portfolio of FUIB is 10%. The majority of agribusinesses work in the small and medium business (SME) segment, which is why the agricultural loans amount to almost 30% of the portfolio of loans to SME.

The distinguishing feature of the lending programmes of FUIB is the absence of hidden charges and fees and flexible requirements to security. Moreover, FUIB does its best to approach its agricultural business customer with the convenient loan repayment schedule taking into account the seasonality of its business cycle, thus distributing reasonably the loan repayment burden.

Along with its lending products FUIB offers a whole range of supplementing banking services simplifying the day-to-day operations of the agricultural business: “Agro”, cash and settlement service package; time deposits and “Interest Generating Account” deposit product, which enables the agribusiness to generate the above-the-average interest on the account balance comparable to the rate of interest on time deposits.

Within its “Agro” service package FUIB offers privileged fees for the most popular among customers banking operations: low payment charges, low fee for cash operations, fee-free use of “Client-Bank” system and accrual of interest on the current account balance at above-the-average rate.

“The agricultural industry of Ukraine is being developing intensely and demonstrates such growth no other economy sector can boast about, which is why FUIB pays significant attention to working with agricultural businesses, offering them most popular among them products and services on favourable terms. The reason behind the Bank’s success in agricultural lending is its experience of serving this economy sector and professional team able to understand the specific character of agricultural business activities while considering the possibility of granting the loan financing. Until the end of the current year we plan to build our agricultural loan portfolio up to UAH 1.2-1.3 bn”, marked Aleksey Volchkov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of FUIB in charge of corporate business.


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