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Payments on accounts of individuals with non-residents

Refers to payments in the national currency:

  • to a resident from a non-resident
  • to a non-resident from a resident
  • to a non-resident from a non-resident

Dear customers,

Currency legislation establishes certain requirements and prohibitions for conducting currency transactions by bank customers. Such operations can be settlements in any currency, where a non-resident can be the funds recipient or the transfer's sender.

The implementation of foreign exchange transactions by bank customers and the implementation by banks of foreign exchange supervision over the customers’ compliance with foreign exchange legislation is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Currency and Foreign Exchange Transactions,” as well as regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine, in particular, the Regulations on measures of protection and determination of the procedure for carrying out individual transactions in foreign currency, approved by Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 02.01.2019 No. 5, as well as Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 24.02.2022 No. 18 “On the work of the banking system during the introduction of martial law” and the resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 02.25.2022 No. 23 “On some issues of the activities of Ukrainian banks and banking groups.” In addition, the Regulations “Оn information interaction of authorized institutions on non-resident accounts in hryvnia”, approved by Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine dated May 30.05.2023 No. 72, introduced a register of non-residents and requirements for banks to carry out control using this register of customer transactions with the participation of non-residents for compliance with the requirements of currency legislation.

The banking system is currently setting up all the necessary controls. Therefore, transfers of funds in any currency where a non-resident can be the recipient of the funds or the sender of the transfer may be suspended for additional analysis and study by the bank. If, as a result of the analysis/study, transactions are revealed that do not meet the requirements of currency legislation, the Bank will refuse to carry out the transaction.

Documents certified by the Electronic Key or Дія.Signature can be submitted to the bank using the form below.
Documents certified by a personal signature can be submitted to any branch of FUIB in person or by an authorized person, which is confirmed by a duly executed notarized power of attorney.

Transactions that are related to investment activities

Foreign investments – values invested by foreign investors in objects of investment activity in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine with the aim of obtaining profit or achieving a social effect.

Foreign investors include foreign natural persons who do not have a permanent place of residence on the territory of Ukraine and are not limited in legal capacity.

Transactions for depositing and returning foreign investments in cash are carried out exclusively using accounts specified by the National Bank of Ukraine. Yes, non-resident natural persons must use their own investment account to carry out the specified operations.

Investment accounts – used exclusively for non-residents to carry out investment activities in Ukraine, to return foreign investments, as well as transactions related to such activities.

The return to a non-resident of foreign investments and other funds received from investment activities in Ukraine is carried out on the condition that the servicing bank is provided with documents that confirm the legality of the transaction and the list of which is established by the National Bank of Ukraine for each individual case (the exact list of documents is determined depending on the essence and specifics of the transaction). Among these documents, in particular, the following:

  • Documents confirming the implementation of foreign investments (agreement on the performance of foreign investments, agreements on joint investment activities without the creation of a legal entity, documents confirming the rights of a foreign investor to the investment object, certificates of resident banks on the implementation of foreign investments by foreign investors in a foreign country currency/hryvnias, customs declarations on the importation of goods into Ukraine for the purpose of investment and/or other documents confirming the implementation of foreign investments in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation).
  • Agreement on the return by a foreign investor of a foreign investment, income, profits, other funds received by a foreign investor from investment activities in Ukraine, and/or other documents confirming the amount of monetary obligations payable to a foreign investor based on the results of his investment activities in Ukraine.
  • Agreement on the transfer of the object of foreign investment between non-residents, which provides for settlements outside Ukraine, with documentary confirmation of its execution (submitted under the condition of acquiring the ownership right of the investment object in the specified manner).
  • An extract from the register of stock exchange agreements (contracts) concluded as a result of stock market trading, confirming that these operations were carried out using the electronic trading system of the stock exchange (in the case of purchase and sale of securities by foreign investors (non-residents) on Ukrainian stock exchanges). The extract must be signed by an authorized person of the stock exchange and also contain information about the terms of these agreements (including the number, date, and type of agreement, the subject of trading, its quantity and value, information about the trading participant and his customer – a foreign investor (non-resident), the date of execution agreement).
  • Information/documents regarding the determination of the financial status of the subject of the foreign exchange transaction – a natural person.
  •  Statutory documents for a legal entity and documents on the registration of a legal entity.
  •  Information/documents regarding the ownership structure, ultimate beneficial owners (controllers), and the content of the activities of the participants in the foreign currency transaction.
  • Information/documents that can confirm the compliance of the nature and size of foreign exchange transactions of the subject of the foreign exchange transaction with its financial condition and content of activities, as well as the content of the activities of counterparties.
  • Documents confirming the investment (payment) and the foreign investor's ownership of corporate rights/investment certificates of the Ukrainian issuer, which are used to pay dividends; issuer's decision to pay dividends to a foreign investor, financial statements of a legal entity.
  • Documents confirming payment of taxes on dividends which are paid off.
  • Explanation of the purpose of carrying out further transactions from the investment account (in the future, documents related to the investment will be requested).
  • Documents confirming the sources of origin of funds.
Transactions that aren't related to investment activities
Operation Documents

Crediting funds to a non-resident natural person for leasing property or selling securities, corporate rights, or other objects of ownership in Ukraine, which do not have the status of objects of foreign investment in Ukraine for the account holder.

  • Contracts, additional agreements (if available), and other settlement documents stipulated by the contract (invoices, acts, etc.)
  • Documents confirming ownership of the property and residency at the time of ownership
Transfers that are related to the payment of membership fees

Documents confirming membership in the organization (membership card, contract, additional agreements (if available), other documents that provide for the conditions, terms, and amounts of payment of membership fees)

  • Insurance benefits/payments
  • Payments for the purchase of goods/for the receipt of services/for work on the territory of Ukraine for own consumption on the territory of Ukraine
  • Charitable contributions to the current account of a charitable organization
  • Transfers to a current or deposit account of another individual

For the amount of 400,000 UAH or more:

  • contract, additional agreements (if available), and other settlement documents stipulated by the contract (invoices, acts, etc.)
  • explanation of the purpose of the transfer and, if necessary, the documents that became the basis for the transfer, depending on the purpose

On transactions related to inheritance:

  • from repayment of inherited savings certificates and interest on them;
  • receiving in the order of inheritance

Inheritance documents (notarized inheritance certificate, etc.)

Enrollment/transfer of funds based on court decisions or decisions of other bodies (officials) that are subject to enforcement

Court decisions, enforcement proceedings

Obtaining/returning a loan or repayable financial assistance

  • Extract from AIS of the National Bank of Ukraine "Loan agreements with non-residents"
  • Application for a loan agreement with a non-resident.
  • The agreement, together with other additional agreements/contracts, documents related to the implementation of the contract and the implementation of currency operations under the contract, including all documents that establish/change the schedule (terms and amounts) of operations for obtaining/returning loan (loans/revolving financial assistance) and payment of other payments by the borrower under the Agreement.
  • Reasoned explanation regarding the use of the interest rate specified in the Agreement.
  • Documentary confirmation of the existence of debt under the Agreement.
  • Information/documents that should confirm the economic feasibility (meaning) of such currency transaction.
  • Information/documents regarding the ownership structure, the ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) and the content of the non-resident's activities, the source of the funds under the financial transaction (including the original and new creditor).
  • Statutory documents for a legal entity and documents on the registration of a legal entity.
  • Information/documents confirming the financial capabilities, sources of funds, and other assets of the Customer, availability, placement, and/or use of assets of the subject of the foreign exchange transaction, which make it possible to conduct or initiate the conduct of a foreign exchange transaction for the appropriate amount.
  •  Information/documents that should confirm the economic feasibility (meaning) of such a currency transaction.
  • If necessary, the Bank has the right to request additional information/documents.

Receipt of funds as a result of the liquidation of legal entities

  • One of the decisions on the liquidation of the company:

а) a decision (minute) of its participants or a body of a legal entity authorized to do so by the founding documents, including in connection with the expiration of the term for which the legal entity was created, the achievement of the purpose for which it was created, as well as in other cases provided for constituent documents;

б) by a court decision on the liquidation of a legal entity due to violations committed during its creation that cannot be eliminated at the request of a participant of a legal entity or a relevant state authority;

в) by a court decision on the liquidation of a legal entity in other cases established by law – at the request of the relevant state authority.

  • Liquidation balance, according to which funds are transferred to the accounts of a natural person.
  • Identification of creditors and notification of the start of the liquidation procedure.

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