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Documents for changing the limit on receipts from other persons for MoneyBox replenishment

Dear customers, in accordance with paragraph 4 and paragraph 5 of part 2 of Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine, "On preventing and countering the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, the financing of terrorism and the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction" No. 361-IX dated 06.12.2019. (hereinafter referred to as the Law), “The Bank is obliged to carry out due diligence of customers and ensure monitoring of the financial transactions of the customer for the compliance of such financial transactions with the information available in the Bank about the customer, his activity and risk, including, if necessary, information about the sources of funds associated with the financial transaction.

According to part 6 of Art. 11 of the Law, “The Bank has the right to demand, and the customer, the customer’s representative are obliged to provide information (official documents) necessary (required) for the implementation of due diligence, as well as for the Bank to comply with other legal requirements in the field of preventing and combating the legalization (laundering) of income received crime, financing of terrorism and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”.

Considering the given legal justification, you need to provide the documents indicated below, taking into account the purpose of the collection. In the absence of documents, the Bank has the right to refrain from agreeing to increase limits.

Collection of funds for treatment.

  1. Documents confirming the need of an individual for treatment and medical care (in particular, the presence of an illness or pathological condition), documents on the provision of such services, identifying the service provider, the volume and cost of such services: contracts, payment, and settlement documents, acts of service provision, other relevant documents depending on the necessary treatment or medical care, illness, and its condition.
  2. Documents confirming family ties. In the case of collection for the treatment of relatives.Relatives: husband/wife/children/parents, siblings (sisters), grandparents.

Collection of funds for volunteer activities.

  1. Questionnaire for volunteers (including information about existing volunteer activities).
  2. Volunteer certificate, if available.
  3. Mandatory submission to the Bank of a letter from a government agency/military unit regarding cooperation with a volunteer and ordering goods (products) for the corresponding purpose if the amount of such an operation/operations for a calendar month in the equivalent exceeds 400,000 UAH (at the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to foreign currencies, established by the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of the transaction).
  4. Providing the estimated cost of the goods (products)/services and the order timing.
  5. To confirm the fact of the purchase of goods (products) by the volunteer, provide contracts (agreements), invoices, and other documents provided for by Ukraine's legislation, which are the basis for the operation.

The Bank has the right:

  • Analyze the content of the activities of the volunteer and his counterparty, data on the ultimate beneficial owners of the counterparty.
  • Contact a volunteer if there is no information from open sources.
  • Refuse to carry out such transactions in the future if the Bank has information from open sources regarding the unfair practice of the volunteer's activities.
  • Request documents confirming the sources of origin of funds and an explanation of the purpose and essence of carrying out own transactions on customer's accounts.

You can provide documents from the list above by filling out the Form for submission documents below. During the analysis of the documents provided by you, an employee of the Bank will contact you.Documents are reviewed within 3 business days.

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