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200 UAH bonuses for participating in the "International money master" challenge
18 August 2023
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Take part in the "Challenges with FUIB" Promo (hereinafter – the Promo) and receive a pleasant bonus of 200 UAH.

The offer is valid:

  • from 21.08.2023 to 21.09.2023 (inclusive);
  • for current FUIB customers who are registered in the FUIB Online mobile application and have the International money master menu is displayed in the My Challenges section of FUIB Online*;
  • for all new customers who became FUIB customers and completed identification in FUIB Online https://pumb.ua/mpb during the Promo period** 

Conditions for participating in the Promo and receiving a reward: 

1. Until 21.09.2023, receive an international money transfer from abroad for any amount in the FUIB Online mobile application.***

2. To receive a transfer, go to the "Payments” in FUIB Online section, the "International transfers" menu and follow the prompts on the screen. 

3. You can receive a transfer through any of the following monetary systems: MoneyGram, PrivatMoney, Ria, or Western Union. 

4. The bonus of 200 UAH is automatically credited to the virtual account; however, it becomes available only after fulfilling the conditions of the Promo.*

5. You can participate and receive a bonus of 200 UAH only once during the Promo period. 

6. If you do not fulfill all the conditions of the Promo by 21.09.2023, the bonus of 200 UAH will be automatically canceled.

Look for the bonus on the "More" tab of FUIB Online, the "My challenges" menu.

Taxes and fees in the amount of 19.5% are withheld from the amount of the reward.

*Importantly! In the absence of the "My challenges" menu in FUIB Online, you need to update the application.

**For new customers, the display of the "My challenges" menu in FUIB Online takes place within a day. Even if the challenge conditions are met immediately after installing the FUIB Online mobile application. You can withdraw the 200 UAH bonus after fulfilling the conditions of the Promo and displaying the "My challenges" menu in FUIB Online.

***Under the "vseKARTA" package in foreign currency, free withdrawals using the card are available 2 transactions per month in the amount of less than 500,000.01 UAH in equivalent, provided that the account had balances in the amount of at least 500 USD/500 EUR/500 PLN within one calendar month (from 01 to the last day of the month preceding the withdrawal month). 
If the above conditions are not met, the "vseKARTA" package in foreign currency is subject to a withdrawal fee: 

  • at the cash desk using a card – 1% 
  • at the cash desk WITHOUT using a card – 1.5%

The official rules 

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