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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

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Repay the loan in full and get 20% cashback
16 May 2022
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From the first day of the war, FUIB has been doing everything possible to support our customers and the financial front of the State. We invite you to join this front by taking part in the Promo “Repay the loan in full – earn cashback” (hereinafter referred to as the Promo).
By paying the loan in full, you support our country's economy and combat readiness, and you will also receive a reward – 20% cashback from the amount of the paid payment on your loan.

The maximum amount to receive a reward is unlimited.

The offer is valid:

  • from 16.05.2022 till 12.06.2022;
  • only for FUIB customers who received push messages in the FUIB Online mobile application, messages in Viber, SMS, or other communication channels (hereinafter referred to as the Message*).

Terms of participation in the Promo and receipt of the reward:

1. Before 12.06.2022, pay off the loan debt balance ahead of schedule after receiving the Message with an offer to participate in the Promo.

The required amount can be paid:

  • in the FUIB Online mobile application by a FUIB card, another Ukrainian or foreign bank;
  • on the website or PayHub by with a FUIB card, another Ukrainian or foreign bank;
  • at FUIB, IBox, EasyPay and Privatbank payment terminals;
  • at FUIB branches and other banks.

Pay attention! When paying through payment terminals or at bank branches, the loan payment can be credited within 3 (three) working days.

2. After making the payment specified in clause 1, expect a message confirming the fulfillment of the conditions of the Promo. The reward will be credited until 20.06.2022 to the cashback account in the FUIB Online mobile application (“More” tab, “Cashback” section); expect an additional message.

Cashback credited for loan repayment does not affect the accumulation of cashback for the selected categories of the month if you are a participant in the Promo "Now your mobile cashback from FUIB". That is if you have already accumulated rewards by cashback categories (maximum amount is 500 UAH per month), cashback for repaying the loan will be credited additionally in full.

For example, if the amount of cashback you have accumulated in categories is 450 UAH, and the amount of reward for the paid loan is 1000 UAH, then on your virtual account, after it is credited, you will have 1450 UAH.

The minimum amount for withdrawing cashback is 100 UAH. A tax of 19.5% is withheld.

Learn more about the cashback at the link.

3. Cashback can only be withdrawn to an active FUIB hryvnia card. If it is not available, you can open "vseKARTA" in the FUIB Online mobile application or at a FUIB branch. Details about opening "vseKARTA" and all the benefits of using it at the link.

*The list of customers who are sent an individual Message with an offer to participate in the Promo is selected to participate in the Promo by random selection. The sample of participants was determined using an automatic algorithm model based on many factors, including the history of using the bank's products by the customer.

The official Promo rules

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