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FUIB and Ria money transfers service announced winners of the third stage of the Winter Time with Ria promotion
17 February, Thursday
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The First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) and Ria money  transfers service announced winners of the third stage of the Winter Time with Ria promotion

10 (ten) winners who sent a money transfer from Ukraine to Georgia via the Ria system, will receive a gift certificate value of UAH 500:

1. Тамазі, 38063***0000
2. Гіулі, 38098***1088
3. Людмила, 38067***4756
4. Ірина, 38067***3668
5. Акакі, 38098***7166
6. Володимир, 38063***0862
7. Наталія, 38067***3979
8. Таріел, 38063***7528
9. Володимир, 38097***7077
10. Ірина, 38066***5822

15 (fifteen) winners of the promotion who received a money transfer from abroad via the Ria system, will receive a gift certificate value of UAH 200:

1. Юрій, 38063***7396
2. Катерина, 38066***5211
3. Кирило, 38050***3091
4. Олександр, 38098***6868
5. Олександр, 38067***1712
6. Роман, 38068***5878
7. Дмитро, 38068***9754
8. Наталя, 38067***8582
9. Людмила, 38050***9176
10. Ольга, 38095***7749
11. Ніна, 38097***1907
12. Олександр, 38063***0712
13. Юрій, 38096***0859
14. Віктор, 38097***6783
15. Іван, 38093***0309

The Winter Time with Ria promo lasts until February 15, 2022

Detailed info about the Winter Time with RIA promotion.

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