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Pay by cards of Mastercard® from PUMB bank - win a trip to the UEFA Champions League Final 2019 in Madrid!
20 March 2019
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Would you like to take part in the raffle of a trip to the UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid?
Join the promo and pay for goods or services by a card of Mastercard from PUMB in the amount of 100 UAH:

  • on the Internet
  • services in PUMB Online
  • Masterpass digital wallet
  • smartphones with Mastercard in GPay or Apple Pay wallets

and get a chance to get to the Madrid Final

For each such payment you will receive 1 goal, which increases the chances of winning!

The more goals – the more chances to win!

The promo is valid until April 21

Official rules of the promo

Frequently asked questions and answers

How can I take part in the promo?

Receive a message in Viber about the possibility of winning a trip to the UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid:

  • Press "YES" in the PUMB Viber-message.
  • Agree to participate in the promo in the PUMB Public Account in Viber by clicking "Participate".
  • Pay by cards of Mastercard® from PUMB in the amount of 100 UAH:

            - on the Internet

            - services in PUMB Online

            - Masterpass digital wallet

            - Smartphones with Mastercard® in GPay or Apple Pay wallets

What is included in the trip?

  • the possibility of attending the Champions League Final match, which will be held in Madrid, Spain, for two people 01.06.2019;
  • flight Kyiv (Ukraine) - Madrid (Spain) - Kyiv (Ukraine);
  • transfer from the airport of arrival (Madrid, Spain) to the place of accommodation 31.05.2019;
  • accommodation in a hotel of a level not lower than 3 stars for 3 nights;
  • transfer from the place of accommodation (Madrid, Spain) to the venue of the Champions League Final match in Madrid and in the opposite direction 01.06.2019;
  • tour around Madrid 02.06.2019;
  • transfer from the place of accommodation (Madrid, Spain) to the airport 03.06.2019;
  • travel insurance.

What is Masterpass?

This is an electronic payment service that allows you to make purchases faster, keeping all payment details and shipping address in one safe place.

  • Pay by any card – add a credit or debit card of any payment system to your Masterpass e-wallet.
  • Pay faster – all payment details and the desired delivery method are already filled, so you are able to pay quickly by entering only a username and password.
  • Protect every purchase – paying by Masterpass, you get an extra protection level of Mastercard®
  • Exclusive offers – with Masterpass you will be able to access the best offers from your favorite sellers, saving your time and money.

To register in Masterpass, please, follow the link.

What is GPAY/Apple Pay payment?

Google Pay and Apple Pay are payment systems, thanks to which you are able to pay for goods in stores, simply by bringing an Apple mobile phone or a smartphone with a registered Google wallet to the terminal. These systems work autonomously, even without access to the Internet.

Learn more about GPAY  here.

The details about Apple Pay are at the link.

What is PUMB Online?

PUMB Online – is a system of online-banking, thanks to which the customers of PUMB are able to manage the cards, accounts, and personal finances, pay the utility bills online. Also, top up the mobile account, transfer the money using the card number, and manage the loans and deposits. 

What operations do take part in the promo in PUMB Online?

In the promo take part the payments of services in PUMB Online: top up the mobile account, utility bills payments, payment of the Internet and television and the like.

When will the winner be determined?

The winner will be determined until 25.04.2019

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