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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

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FUIB Takes Leadership Positions in Social Media
16 June 2012
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FUIB has taken leadership positions in social networking services over the first 6 months of its presence..

  • FUIB is No 1 among banks in Ukraine by qualitative and quantitative indicators in Facebook according to the rankings by Advermap
  • FUIB is among TOP 10 companies in Ukraine by quality of presence (вовлечений на пост) ratio of involvements to posts) in Facebook according to Advermap
  • FUIB is among TOP 3 banks in Ukraine by number of members of the official group in VKontakte. Details are available at
  • According to, service that measures influence online, FUIB’s Twitter account has the greatest influence on its followers among all the banks in Ukraine and its brand is characterised by one of the best indicators among all brands in Ukraine. For more details visit
  • FUIB is the first and only of the largest banks in Ukraine according to the NBU that has established its official presence in Foursquare geosocial network
In line with its development strategy FUIB established its presence in social networks in the late 2011. Its main tasks were to strengthen the Bank’s reputation and to establish the efficient cooperation with its existing and prospective customers in the communication sphere which is most comfortable for them. The motto for all the FUIB’s activities in social networks is: «Your Financial Guide Online!». Among the issues the communities discuss are the Bank’s financial services and products, recent developments in financial markets, advice on how to save time and make money.

Its complex activities in social networks and forums ensured the FUIB’s leading positions and recognition in a number of rankings. Thus, according to the rankings of Facebook pages by Advermap from March 2012 and so far FUIB is No 1 among all the banks in Ukraine by number of fans in this social network. At the end of May the Bank had over 7000 fans (followers). Also, the FUIB’s page has remained the leader by qualitative presence (involvements to posts)since its creation in December 2011. So far, by this indicator it remains among TOP 10 Facebook pages of Ukrainian companies.

FUIB applies the best practice in this sphere and develops its communities due to its high-quality content and special campaigns the Bank holds at its social pages. For instance, recently in Facebook the Bank held the activation to support its “Iron Deposit” campaign. As part of this Facebook campaign held throughout April-May 2012 its participants were given the chance to win an iPad 2 with already installed iPUMB, FUIB’s specialised Internet banking application, and other prizes – “iron” flash drives. In February 2011 at its Facebook page the Bank introduced the “FUIB Awards” loyalty programme aimed at stimulating its fans for active development of the community and intensifying their involvement in discussions of the Bank’s recent events, mutual consultations and feedback on the Bank’s activities. Each month the most active and useful participants of the community are rewarded by the Bank with valuable prizes.

Social media is the important source of information on the quality of services delivered by FUIB. Opinions of FUIB expressed in social networks and forums have already made multiple contributions towards improvement of the Bank’s activities.

«FUIB’s active presence in social media aligned with our new complaints and propositions management system enable us to receive regular feedback and to hear the opinion of both existing and prospective customers», comments Konstantin Vaysman, Chairman of the FUIB’s Management Board. «Our actions strengthen the FUIB’s image of an innovative and leading edge bank – Bank 2.0. We are confident that the accumulated social capital will enhance our customers’ loyalty and their involvement in the FUIB’s development and will provide us with a competitive advantage in the near future».

«One of the main achievements of the FUIB’s activities in social media is the fact that users of social network have begun recommending actively the Bank to their friends in Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums», says Yulia Sobko, Head of the Bank’s PR and Internal Communication. «As the monitoring shows, FUIB has secured its place among TOP 3 most frequently mentioned banks in social networks and forums and is No 1 by ratio of positive to negative mentions. We will take further measures to increase the number of «brand advocates» and will develop the programmes aimed at strengthening the loyalty of our followers».

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