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It is easy to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteers together with FUIB
15 April 2022
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FUIB is a financial partner of many charitable foundations that support Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers today. Ukrainians who are not indifferent have already transferred more than UAH 223 million through our bank. Choose the help that resonates the most in your heart.

FUIB accepts transfers without a commission to the accounts of charitable foundations that support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Forces, and volunteers in all remote channels and branches that continue to operate. Employees, clients, partners, and concerned Ukrainians have already transferred over UAH 223 million in support of soldiers and for humanitarian aid through various FUIB channels. 

You can transfer any amount in the PUMB Online mobile application, web-version of the internet banking, on the PayHub payment platform, and at the cash desks of branches that continue to operate. The easiest and fastest way for bank customers to make charitable transfers is to do this in the PUMB mobile application, while for those who are not FUIB clients, the easiest way is to make such transfers on the PayHub platform .

FUIB's business clients can also support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and transfer funds for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians affected by the Russian aggression in PUMB Digital Business internet banking. In just a few clicks, by clicking the “Support Ukraine” widget, you can make payments to special accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine, which were opened to raise funds for the needs of the army and help citizens. Business clients have already transferred over UAH 1 million for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians.

To date, over UAH 185 million has been transferred through FUIB channels to a special account opened by the NBU to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can find the recipient of a transfer in all bank channels using the following key words: Armed Forces of Ukraine, NBU, Armed, Forces, Ukraine, war, support.

Charitable Foundation “Come Back Alive” has received over UAH 37 million from concerned Ukrainians to an account with FUIB. You can easily find the foundation in FUIB's remote channels using the following key words: come, back, alive. “Come Back Alive” is one of the largest foundations that help Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers in the areas of active hostilities.

Nova Poshta Global has launched a large-scale Humanitarian Nova Poshta program for free delivery of humanitarian goods from abroad from volunteers around the world. The company has opened special accounts for all concerned people who would like to provide financial support, which will be used for fuel, aircraft reservations, and other logistics expenses. Our donators have already donated more than UAH 38,000 in support of the initiative. You can find the recipient of the transfer using the following key words: international, delivery, humanitarian, aid, nova, poshta, global. 

Anyone interested can also make a donation to the Charitable Foundation “Happiness in the Palms. Transcarpathia”. The foundation takes care of soldiers of the 128th separate mountain assault Transcarpathian brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can find the recipient of a transfer in all bank channels using the following key words: happiness, in, palms, Transcarpathia, Armed, Forces, 128, separate, assault, brigade, SMAB. Over UAH 87 thousand has already been transferred.

Charitable foundation of the Kyiv School of Economics has opened an account with FUIB to raise funds for humanitarian aid from companies and organizations which are legal entities. The funds raised are used by the Foundation to purchase first aid kits, medicines, and protective equipment for the Territorial Defense Forces, volunteer associations, and charitable foundations. You can find the details by following the link 

FUIB has already transferred over UAH 65 million for the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Forces, and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and continues to help Ukrainian soldiers.

Together we are nearing victory!

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