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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

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FUIB's retail deposit portfolio of individuals in hryvnia has increased by UAH 4 billion since the beginning of the year
19 November 2021
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) continues to expand its liability portfolio. Since the beginning of 2021, the portfolio of retail deposits in hryvnia increased by 41.5% or by UAH 4.103 billion and as of November 18, 2021 amounted to UAH 13.940 billion.

In the structure of the total deposit portfolio of FUIB's retail clients, the share of hryvnia deposits continues to hold a leading position and is over 60%. In the structure of the hryvnia deposit portfolio, fixed-term deposits predominate - they account for over 75%.

According to official data of the NBU, as of October 1, 2021, FUIB is among the TOP-5 banks of Ukraine among 71 banks operating in the country in terms of the total deposit portfolio of individuals. Additionlly, according to the NBU, for the period January-July 2021, FUIB took 1st place in terms of growth of time deposits of individuals in hryvnia and ranked 3rd in terms of the growth of the total volume (current accounts and fixed-term deposits) of the retail deposit portfolio in the national currency.

The source of information is the data on the dynamics of liabilities of Ukrainian banks on the NBU website

The growth of FUIB's deposit portfolio in hryvnia is conditioned by a number of factors. First, the deposit reputation of the bank. For 30 years, the bank has always fulfilled its obligations - all depositors received their savings and interest under the terms of the agreements. Secondly, of course, the yield is much higher than for foreign currency deposits. Thus, the rates on hryvnia deposits in FUIB are as follows: up to 11% per annum for Anniversary deposit, up to 10% per annum for Profitable deposit, up to 8.5% per annum for Accumulative depositand up to 6% per annum for Free deposit. At the same time the yield on foreign currency deposits does not exceed 0.1% per annum.

Another bonus is FUIB's loyalty program (+1% per annum), which applies to all (except for Yuvileinyi promotional deposit) the bank's deposit programs. The loyalty program is valid under the condition of prolongation of the current deposit, opening of the second deposit while having a current one in FUIB, re-placement of the deposit and opening of the deposit with the help of PUMB Online.  85% of FUIB's clients consistently prolong their deposits with FUIB.

In addition, FUIB's clients who have placed Anniversary deposit  in the amount of new funds from UAH 10,000 can also take part in the "Anniversary celebrate – 30 thousand’s on deposit present" promotion and become a participant in the drawing of 30 deposits of 30,000 hryvnias each.

"The level of public confidence in the banking system continues to recover, which is confirmed by the steady growth of the deposit base. Interest in bank deposits remains stable. For many, it is a clear and reliable tool that allows you to save and gather money. On average, one FUIB retail client has two active deposits. The most popular combination is a classic fixed-term deposit (Yuvileinyi or Dokhidnyi) and a demand deposit (Vilnyi). At the same time, the combination of high financial results, 30 years of experience in Ukraine and competitive profitability of the deposits is the best guarantee for our depositors that FUIB will retain and increase their savings", commented Mykyta Maliasov, Head of Deposits in Passive Retail Products Department of FUIB retail products division.

If the client is connected to PUMB Online Internet banking, it is not necessary to go to the branch at all – deposits can also be opened in the mobile application. More than 85% of clients open and service deposits with PUMB Online 24/7. For new clients of the bank it is enough to go through the identification procedure in Diia application. After that, the user will be able to open and activate the vseKARTA virtual debit card and get access to all bank services except lending.


Over 1.6 million private clients and 83,000 corporate clients trust FUIB. 40 of the TOP-100 largest companies of Ukraine are clients of the bank.

FUIB is the most profitable Ukrainian bank with private capital as of June 1, 2021

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