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New insurance service from FUIB: "Protection from injury"
08 October 2021
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Since October, the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) has launched "Protection against injuries" - a new insurance policy in cooperation with ASKA-LIFE IC. The insurance covers all possible traumatic injuries, including burns, cuts, insect bites, frostbite, injuries at work, as a result of an accident, illegal actions of third parties, etc.

Benefits of the "Protection from injury" policy:

  •        there is no attachment to a medical institution, there is no need to collect and store receipts, bills and invoices for treatment,
  •        the insurance payment is transferred to the card of the insured person, and the recipient can independently dispose of the funds received
  •        payment is made within 2-3 days after the submission of the package of documents
  •        if there are several injuries, the payment is calculated for each insured event
  •        the insurance indemnity is calculated according to the Injuries table, depending on the type of damage and its degree (from 1 to 100% of the payment from the insurance coverage).
  •        insurance coverage is valid all over the world and, most importantly, a minimum package of documents (application for payment, copy of documents, copy of sick leave or certificate of disability, copy of a certificate with a diagnosis or research result)

Insurance payment under the contract is from UAH 290 per year. The maximum amount of insurance coverage is up to UAH 150,000.

"We understand how hard, expensive and difficult it is to treat injuries in Ukraine. That is why FUIB, together with its partner ASKA-LIFE IC, has developed an insurance offer that allows you to receive compensation regardless of the severity of the treatment and the availability of receipts. The policy can be purchased both for yourself and for your relatives. In order to get the insurance, you need to contact a branch of FUIB", commented Dmytro Dudnyk, Director of FUIB's Retail Products Department.

It is very simple to receive an insurance payment: within 10 days after the completion of treatment, the client must apply to ASKA-Life IC with a written application and provide the minimum package of documents specified in the "Memo for receiving insurance payment". 

The age of the insured shall be from one to 69 years.  The insurance does not cover people with disabilities, athletes who are involved in risky or professional sports and people with neuropsychiatric diseases. Additionally, insurance is not provided if at the time of insurance the client is registered in specialized dispensaries or stays in places of confinement.

The insurance is sold only in FUIB branches.


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