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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

Members of the media may receive comments of the leaders and experts of the bank about the products and services of FUIB, about the situation on the Ukrainian financial market, contacting with the press officers.

FUIB clients will be able to make contactless payments for purchases with SwatchPAY!
10 September 2021
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From now on, clients of the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB), who are Mastercard cardholders, will be able to make contactless payments for their purchases with SwatchPAY! watches wherever there is a terminal for contactless payments: in supermarkets, cafes, stores, in public transport, etc.

In the SwatchPAY! watches there is an NFC chip hidden under the dial. In order to make a payment, users only need to bring the watch close to a terminal for contactless payments. SwatchPAY! watches are waterproof at a depth of up to 30 meters, and, unlike a smartphone, they do not need additional charging, which makes them an even more versatile and reliable payment instrument.

“Thanks to the partnership with Mastercard and the joint launch of SwatchPAY!, FUIB's card products – the VSEMOZHU credit card and the vseKARTA debit card – have become even more attractive and convenient for the bank's clients. Contactless payments are the future of the financial sector, and we are confident that our clients will appreciate the ease of use and security of contactless payments,” commented Dmytro Dudnyk, director of FUIB retail products business department.

How to pay with SwatchPAY!

Install the SwatchPAY! mobile application to your smartphone (available for iOS and Android);
Add your payment card data to the application: either scan it using a smartphone or enter the data manually;
Activate the watch with the help of a SwatchPAY! Box in the official Swatch store or on your own, using an Android smartphone that has an NFC chip;
Make contactless payments for purchases with a SwatchPAY! watch and easily manage payments in the application.

The list of models of watches that support the SwatchPAY! contactless payment service can be found on the official Swatch website. You can buy the watch in official stores – on the website swatch.ua and in the ZIFFERBLATT chain stores.

The SwatchPAY! service works on the basis of the Mastercard global digital tokenization platform, thanks to which a card number is replaced with a unique 16-digit combination of digits or, in other words, with a token. The token replaces the actual data of a bank card at the time of payment, providing the maximum level of protection of payment transactions.


About Mastercard

Mastercard is a global payment technology company. Our mission is to develop and strengthen digital economy – which benefits everyone and everywhere – by ensuring performance of secure, simple, technological, and affordable transactions. By using secure data and networks, building partnerships, and taking things that inspire as the basis of our work, we deliver innovations and solutions that help people, financial institutions, governments, and businesses realize their full potential. Our culture and everything we do inside and outside the company are determined by the decency quotient (DQ). We do business in more than 210 countries and territories and create a sustainable world that opens up invaluable opportunities for everyone. www.mastercard.com    

About FUIB

First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) is a peer of the independent Ukraine. FUIB is included in the National Bank of Ukraine's list of systemically important banks of the country. FUIB is one of the 5 banks authorized to store cash reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, FUIB is in the TOP-5 banks in terms of the portfolio of deposits issued to individuals.

The international rating agency Fitch assigned the highest rating – equal to the state rating – to FUIB. 1.6 million individuals and 75,000 corporate clients trust the bank. 40 of the TOP-100 largest companies of Ukraine are clients of the bank.

About Swatch

Swatch is an iconic watch that saved the Swiss watch industry thanks to its founder, the dreamer Nicolas Hayek. Colorful, fun, loud, bright, and with a variety of interpretations. The watches are made in Switzerland, but thanks to industrial production and the fact that they are made of only 51 parts, they are available at a reasonable price.  Since the birth of the "second watch" in March 1983, Swatch has become one of the most famous brands in the world in a very short time and, at the same time, has remained true to itself. On average, a new Swatch design is created every one and a half days, waiting to be released either as part of a monthly release or as part of a Custom Collection.

Swatch, which is known for revolutionary concepts, creative models, and a penchant for provocation, likes to surprise its audience. Swatch watches are a popular canvas for artists working in a variety of styles and possibly the world's largest art gallery on a wrist. Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai offers (artistic) freedom to resident artists from around the world. But be careful – Swatch is addictive: there are several hundred thousand members in the Swatch fan club.

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