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Reliable real estate protection together with FUIB
16 June 2021
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In the end of May 2021, the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) initiated the sale of property protection insurance policies - Apartment Protection and House Protection from VUSO Insurance Company.

The basic product conditions are as follows:

  • Franchise equals UAH 0 
  • Payments up to UAH 10,000 are made without certificates from the competent authorities (1 time per contract term)
  • Remote settlement of the insured event
  • Payment for Liability risk without going to court (by settlement procedure)
  • Reimbursement of costs for clearing the territory after the insured event (up to 1% of the insurance amount of the contract)

The cost of the policy depends on the size of the insurance coverage and the type of product.  There are a total of three coverage amounts available: UAH 90,000, UAH 195,000 and UAH 300,000. The annual cost of the cheapest House Protection policy is UAH 315. The cheapest Apartment Protection policy costs UAH 329 per year.

The insurance amount of the House Insurance policy covers load-bearing and enclosing structures, foundation, walls and other structural parts of the house, repairs, appliances and furniture in the insured premises. The insurance amount of the Apartment Insurance policy includes utility lines, interior and exterior decoration, appliances and furniture in the insured premises. Also, liability for damage caused to adjacent premises as a result of use of the insured property is covered.

Anyone can use FUIB's new services and get Apartment Protection and House Protection insurance policies issued: both FUIB clients and clients of other banks. The value of our service is in its promptness and convenience - you do not need to come in person to the insurance company, all documents are transmitted electronically. This is very important, especially in the context of the coronavirus crisis, commented Dmytro Dudnyk, Director of FUIB's Retail Business Products Department.

Insurance for both policies covers the following: gas explosion, fire, natural disaster (lightning, flood, etc.), illegal actions of third parties (theft, vandalism, etc.), flooding, accident (fall of a manned aircraft, fall of trees, electric poles, posts, etc.) and from external influences (damage of the insured property as a result of illegal re-planning / reconstruction / construction / repair of the adjacent premises)

It is extremely easy to get compensation under these insurance policies - you need to call the contact center, get advice from the insurance manager on the necessary documents, in case of significant damage, provide property for expert examination (if the damage is minor, photos are enough) and send electronic documents to VUSO. Within three days, after a positive decision by the insurance company, compensation will be provided.

You can buy insurance in the network of FUIB express sales points.

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