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FUIB together with Prometheus launch Simply About Money training course
13 April 2021
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A financial literacy video course on the largest online learning platform in Ukraine debunks the most common myths about Ukraine's banking system and teaches how to manage your finances.

Simply About Money course from FUIB and the Prometheus online training platform is designed for those who still think that most foreign banking systems are better than the Ukrainian one; banks close from time to time, so they are unreliable; bank is difficult and incomprehensible; to keep money in the bank is unprofitable and dangerous; a loan is debt pit due to hidden commissions and unclear conditions; traditional service in the department is more reliable than remote.

This is a free basic course on financial literacy, in which FUIB experts explain using clear examples how conveniently, safely and profitably to use banking products and services, and to manage own finances.

During the course students will learn the following: how to choose a reliable bank and open an account, make a deposit according to the purpose and borrow money correctly, get rid of the fear of loans and even make money using a credit card, make payments quickly and protect own funds from fraudsters.

"We hope that this course will be useful for many Ukrainians. It will teach to save, accumulate and multiply funds; to set a financial goal and achieve it using banking products and services; to manage finances in remote channels safely, conveniently and independently; to see Ukrainian banks as reliable financial partners,” said Serhiy Chernenko, FUIB's Chairman of the Board.

"Financial literacy is one of the basic competencies of modern man, because each of us makes financial decisions every day. By taking this course, students will be able to learn more about finances and get some practical advice on effective personal money management," said Viktoriya Prymachenko, co-founder of the Prometheus online platform.

In addition to video lectures, tasks that will help students to track their own financial habits, calculate the fee for opening a deposit, determine the cost and repayment schedule of the loan were prepared. At the end of each unit, there is an opportunity to complete test tasks and check your knowledge. To obtain a certificate you must score 60% of the total points.

Course lecturers: Dmytro Dudnyk, Head of the Retail Products Department; Anastasia Rancheva, Head of Passive Retail Products Department; Oleksandra Chepurina, Head of Credit Card Department.

As of today, the Just About Money course is available on the Prometheus platform. You can register by following the link 

To learn anywhere and at anytime, download the Prometheus mobile app for Android or iOS.


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