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FUIB's retail deposit portfolio of individuals in hryvnia reached 11 bln
07 April 2021
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) continues to expand its liability portfolio. Since the beginning of 2021, the portfolio of hryvnia deposits of individuals at FUIB has increased by 14% or +UAH 1,798 million, reaching UAH11.234 billion as of 02.04.2021.

According to NBU official data, FUIB is among the TOP-5 banks among 75 banks operating in Ukraine by the growth of the national currency retail deposit portfolio in 2020. Thus, FUIB took:

  • the 4th place in total (demand and fixed-term deposits) portfolio growth in hryvnia.
  • the 5th place in terms of growth in fixed-term deposits of individuals in hryvnia.

The growth of FUIB's hryvnia deposit portfolio for individuals in January-February 2021 amounted to more than 7%, while in the banking system of Ukraine as a whole, according to the NBU, the deposit portfolio of individuals increased by 3.8%.

The share of hryvnia deposits in the structure of the total deposit portfolio of FUIB's retail clients today is over 58%. At the same time, for comparison, at the beginning of 2019, this figure did not exceed 44%. The structure of the hryvnia deposit portfolio is dominated by "Dokhidnyi" fixed-term deposit – it accounts for more than 70%. The maximum yield on this deposit is up to 9% per annum in hryvnia.

The increase in the deposit portfolio in hryvnia was induced by several factors. Existing and new clients of the bank open deposits in hryvnia in order to record higher yields in a steady downward trend in interest rates on deposits, which is inherent in the banking system of Ukraine the second year in a row. In addition, the yield on hryvnia deposits is much higher than on foreign currency. The rates on hryvnia deposits in FUIB are as follows: up to 9% per annum for "Dokhidnyi", up to 8% per annum for "Nakopychuvalnyi" and up to 5% per annum for "Vilnyi" deposit. At the same time the yield on foreign currency deposits does not exceed 0.1% per annum. Moreover, in conditions of quarantine and restrictions, the population spends the generated savings at a slower rate than in previous years and replenishes FUIB's deposit accounts with new income, which does not decrease significantly in the conditions of low inflation and relative exchange rate stability.

"Ukrainians prefer hryvnia deposit products to store their savings even more due to a stable hryvnia exchange rate and attractive deposit rates. They choose FUIB, as a deposit bank, because of its good reputation and high reliability, which we guarantee for every deposit. Today FUIB is among the TOP-4 most profitable banks in Ukraine. According to the results of 2020, FUIB's net profit amounted to UAH 2.6 billion. High financial results, 30 years of experience in Ukraine, and competitive profitability of the deposits are the best guarantee for our clients that our bank will retain and increase their savings," commented Dmytro Dudnyk, Director of FUIB's Retail Business Department.

According to NBU, as of February 1, 2021, FUIB ranks 1st in total volume of retail portfolio of individuals among banks with private capital and 7th among all banks in Ukraine. As of February 1, 2021, the total portfolio of FUIB's retail clients, which includes remaining funds on fixed-term deposits and demand deposits in hryvnia and inn foreign currencies, as well as remaining funds on current (card) accounts, amounted to UAH 27.515 billion in hryvnia equivalent.

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