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We are pleased to introduce templates in the PUMB Online mobile application!
19 March 2019
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) continues to please its customers with the new functionality of the PUMB Online mobile application. The application has become even more convenient, since clients can now create templates for regular payments.

Templates created in the mobile application are synchronized with the web-version of PUMB Online and vice versa. This means that clients only need to create or edit a template once, and then it will be displayed both in the mobile application and in the web version.

"The function of creating templates for regular transfers is a necessary component of any mobile banking. However, PUMB Online differs from other mobile applications in the approach to the creation of this feature. In the course of research, we discovered two customer behavior scenarios, which formed the basis of money transfer algorithms. It is due to this approach that PUMB Online mobile application is becoming an even more convenient, user-friendly, and intuitive tool for managing your finances", commented Mykhailo Serhiienko, director of the Operations Service Center.

For the convenience of clients, two transfer scenarios have been implemented in the mobile application. In order to create a template in the "Transfers" section (which is located at the bottom of the menu), you need:

- to click on the "My Templates" button

- to select "Create Template" option

- to come up with a template name

- to specify from which card / account the payment will be made and to enter the recipient's details (card or account number)

- to save a template*

It takes less than a minute to create a template, but in the future this will significantly simplify regular payments - in order to make a payment using a previously created template, you only have to go to the "My Templates" menu and click on the desired template. Another pleasant surprise from the developers is that from now on, when making transfers to a FUIB account or card in the new version of the PUMB Online mobile application, full name of the account / card holder will be displayed.

You can also create a template after a successful transfer of funds or loan repayment. After a successful transaction, the application will suggest saving it as a template - the user only has to come up with a template name.

We would like to remind you that since the release of the application in November last year, bank clients have installed it more than 300 thousand times.


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