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FUIB has released a new mobile application
19 November 2018
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) has released an updated version of PUMB Online mobile application. It contains key features that allow clients to manage their finances on their own, from any place in the world. The updated application will be available from November 19.  

The new mobile application will become the main channel for the work with clients. Thanks to the application, clients will be able to perform most of the operations on their own, without contacting the call center or visiting a bank branch.

At the moment, PUMB Online mobile application contains features that cover 80% of all clients' needs. Using this application, you can view product information (about credit and debit cards, loans, and deposits) at any time, find out the amount of your monthly payment and the total amount of arrears under loans and credit cards, view transaction history, and top up your cell phone account without a commission (for convenience, you can select phone numbers from your phone book). In addition, you can add or withdraw funds from an existing deposit account, as well as get a deposit "Free Online" issued.  

The traditional service – payments – is also available in the new PUMB Online application. You can currently perform the following operations in PUMB:

  • Transfer funds between your own accounts
  • Transfer funds from one card to another
  • Transfer funds from a card to your account
  • Transfer funds from your account to any card
  • Make a transfer to an account opened in FUIB
  • Make a transfer to an account opened in another bank

"First of all, we have made features used by most of our clients available in the new mobile application. These include repayment of loans and arrears under credit cards, cell phone account top-up, transfer of funds to cards and accounts opened at FUIB and at other banks. We will be constantly improving the application, and after the next updates, options related to the creation and saving of templates, utility bills payment, payment for Internet and television services, authorization method management, and cards activation will also be available. We will implement such changes every month. This means that FUIB is ready to respond promptly to clients' requests, making the mobile application even more convenient for clients," commented Sebastian Rubai, FUIB's Deputy Chairman of the Board of Retail Business.

When logging in to the new mobile application for the first time, users will be able to select an authorization method on their own, by choosing one of the following available options: a password, PIN code, Touch or Face ID (only for phones with IOS operating system). Based on clients' requests, there is no longer a need to enter a login in the application – instead of a combination of figures and letters, you will only need to enter a phone number linked to the Internet banking.   

There is also a feedback form in the mobile application. In order to leave feedback or report a problem, owners of phones with iOS operating system will only need to shake their phone, and owners of devices with Android operating system will need to "tap" 5 times. After that, the system will automatically generate a letter which will be sent to the support service.

The approach to UX/UI design was significantly changed in the new PUMB Online mobile application. FUIB, together with its partners – the British Metryus company – has developed mobile application interface which is as user-friendly as possible. In parallel with the design process, developers conducted interviews with clients for the purpose of identifying "pain points" and take into account as many clients' wishes as possible.

FUIB's online application has been designed from scratch, using cloud-based Corezoid Process Engine technology. It is this cloud-based operating system that will allow us to expand functionality of the mobile application in the future by bringing in external services.

The application is available for download either at pumb.ua/ios or at pumb.ua/android. If you already use PUMB Online mobile application, you need to delete the old version and download a new one.

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