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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

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FUIB offers efficient solutions for corporate treasuries
07 November 2013
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) has more than 20-year experience of working with large corporate business which lets the Bank realise unique and highly efficient projects jointly with corporate treasuries of its customers.

At the recently held conference WE Ukraine: Forum of Corporate Treasurers 2013, with FUIB as its strategic partner, gathered the heads of treasuries of the largest Ukrainian and international companies. As one of the conference speakers, Alexey Volchkov, Deputy Chairman of the FUIB’s Management Board in charge of corporate business, shared with its participants the Bank’s latest developments and solutions that can significantly optimise performance of the treasuries. As part of his speech, he presented the instruments for managing liquidity of the company and ensuring maximum speed of payments processing along with the data security protection know-how of FUIB. Special attention of the conference participants drew the results of the project on integration of the ERP system of the treasury at one of the largest holdings in Ukraine with the software complex of FUIB.

FUIB understands the needs of corporate treasuries and offers efficient solutions. As the instruments for managing liquidity of the company, the Bank offers the following services:

  • Cash Management – complex of services for efficient settlement of payments, management of balances on accounts, control over external and internal financial flows of a holding company;
  • Advancing of Hryvnia service enables to exchange the currency at the best rate; what is more, the customer receives the major share of money in the morning before the trading closes, which is a unique proposition in the market;
  • Autopilot service lets process payments in an automatic mode, which significantly speeds up settlement of payments;
  • Third Signature service enables to add additional authorisation (by the owner or treasury of the holding) for specific payments (for instance, for very large ones);
  • Black-White List enhances security of payments. When transferring money from the customer’s account the systems of the Bank automatically analyse the history of payments by the customer. If the system determines that payments to some counterparty have never been made, the Bank requests confirmation from the customer;
  • PUMB Online Business Internet Banking enables in the online mode to monitor financial flows of the company from all over the globe through any of mobile devices.

The remote banking system of FUIB can be integrated with every ERP system of the company, ranging from 1-C to SAP. The possibility for integrating the company’s systems with the Bank’s software system enables to create the single environment for planning automation and analysis of all business operations. Thus, the corporate treasury can:

  • mitigate risks of influence of human factor during the recurrent filling in the payment documents in the Bank’s remote banking system;
  • enhance efficiency of work of users through automatic mutual data exchange between the systems;
  • work in the single, well-known to the customer, ERP system and control the status of payments with a breakdown by counterparties, items, etc.

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