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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

Members of the media may receive comments of the leaders and experts of the bank about the products and services of FUIB, about the situation on the Ukrainian financial market, contacting with the press officers.

Public notice of registration of PJSC "FUIB" Banking Group
05 August 2013
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) announces that status of the responsible entity of PJSC "FUIB" Banking Group was assigned to the Bank by the resolution of the Banking Supervision and Regulation Commission of the National Bank of Ukraine No 501 of 19 July 2013. The Group consists of: PJSC "FUIB", JSC "BANK RENAISSANCE CAPITAL", "IC TESSERA CAPITAL" LLC, PJSC "UJSIC ASKA", PJSC "IC ADS", PJSC "UJSIC ASKA-Life", ALC IC "Illichivska" JSC "IS "Illichivske".

The status of the Banking Group responsible entity was assigned to FUIB towards fulfilment of the restated Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking Activity", namely the amendments applying to supervision on a consolidated basis adopted in 2011. As defined in the Law, a banking group is a group of entities that have a common supervisor, can consist of the parent bank and its Ukrainian and foreign subsidiaries or associated financial institutions. Moreover, two or more financial institutions, which banking activities account for over 50% of the total assets of the group members over the four preceding fiscal quarters, are also considered as a banking group.

Identification and recognition of PJSC "FUIB" Banking Group were carried out in line with the Regulation on Banking Groups Identification and Recognition Procedure approved by the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No 134 of 09.04.2012. Now FUIB, as the largest banking asset of SCM Group, will report to the National Bank of Ukraine on the financial performance results of the Group.

Until the end of 2013 the financial statements will be filed in a test mode without their official publication; and from the beginning of 2014, as envisaged by Art. 69 of the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking Activity".

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