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Description of the process of disputing operations of JSC "PUMB" customers in equipment/services of other banks

Dear сustomer!

JSC "PUMB" (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) will carefully consider your appeal regarding the dispute or disagreement with the transaction within seven working days. If a refund is possible or the transaction is disputed, your card account will be credited for the amount of the claim, about which you will receive a corresponding notification (depending on the settings of your mobile device and connected services of the Bank). 

Please note that when disputing a transaction, for example, for reasons such as non-receipt of goods/services, payment by another card or cash, failure to receive goods/services of appropriate quality, debiting an amount different from the purchase amount, etc., a large role in the successful conduct of the dispute and resolving the situation in your favor, a package of documents is played that must be provided when submitting a dispute and which confirms your position of the reason for the dispute.

This package of documents may include but not be limited to:

  • the name of the product/s, order number (delivery terms, delivery times, returns) that you tried to purchase;
  • receipt/confirmation (e-mail) of return/cancellation of goods/services;
  • receipt/account statement (indication of the transaction, if the payment was made twice from one card, etc.), confirming the payment in another way;
  • receipt/invoice for payment with a list of goods/services and the actual amount of purchase/services provided;
  • agreement/contract on the conditions for the provision/ cancellation/return of goods/services;
  • confirmation of the cancellation of the subscription/services before the amount is debited from the card account;
  • explanations/photos/screenshots of the product/service received do not correspond to the ordered ones. Attempt to return goods/services (correspondence with the Merchant, return invoice number, confirmation of receipt of the return by the Merchant);
  • the explanations received from the point of sale when trying to independently resolve a dispute with the Merchant (the trading company you performed the transaction).

Additional documentation is not required to dispute transactions due to fraud or non-receipt of funds from an ATM. However, any additional information or clarifications on your part regarding the current situation will help us consider your appeal. 

In case of crediting your account for a disputed transaction, the refund amount may be blocked for a period of 30-45 days – this is the period during which, according to the Rules of International Payment Systems (hereinafter IPS), the acquiring bank (the Bank that serves the merchant or the ATM where the operation was carried out) has the right to challenge the received claim. In this case, you will be sent a notification of the received refusal to satisfy your claim from the acquiring bank to the e-mail address (by another communication channel) specified during registration of the appeal, as well as documents explaining the reason for the refusal.

If a refusal is received from the acquiring bank, the amount of the dispute on the transaction will be automatically debited from your card account in favor of the acquiring bank (except for fraudulent disputes on the BPC Visa International. In this case, the refund amount remains on your card account for the period of a possible continuation of the dispute from your side – up to 30 days). The pre-set hold (blocking) for the refund amount on the dispute will be removed.

In case of insufficient documentary confirmation of the position of the acquiring bank, as well as your disagreement with the results of the dispute, according to the Rules of IPS, the dispute procedure can be continued. If you have additional documentary evidence or arguments refuting the approval of the acquiring bank, please send them to the Bank in a reply message within 14 days from the date of receipt of the notification. If the acquiring bank accepts the claim for a second challenge, the amount of the dispute will be returned to your card account. In case of refusal, a response from the acquiring bank explaining the reason for refusal and accompanying documentation will be sent to your email address specified during the registration of the appeal.

In case of receiving unsatisfactory results of the dispute, lack of necessary documentation, etc., the consideration of the claim may be transferred to the Arbitration Committee of IPS. For this, the Arbitration procedure is initiated, as a result of which the competent authority of the IPS considers and analyzes all the circumstances and details, as well as documents provided at all stages of the dispute. As a result, the Arbitration Committee of IPS renders a decision in favor of one of the parties to the dispute.   

Throughout the entire cycle of disputing the transaction, appropriate notifications will be sent to your email address with the dispute results, possible further actions, and accompanying documentation. Please carefully check your e-mail (as well as the "spam" folder) during this period until you receive a final decision on your appeal.

We work for you, JSC "PUMB"