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National Bank of Ukraine, Tabletochki Charity Foundation and FUIB are launching the Coins for Children charity campaign
31 August 2021
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National Bank of Ukraine and Tabletochki Charity Foundation initiated the Coins for Children charity campaign. This initiative provides for the collection of 25-kopiyka coins throughout Ukraine, which will be used to help children with cancer. FUIB became one of the 6 partner banks of the campaign.

From September 01 to September 30, 2021, every citizen will be able to join this campaign to easily collect coins and turn them into a powerful help for hundreds of children struggling with cancer.

What is the intent of the charity campaign?

25 kopiyka coins have ceased to be a means of payment since October 1, 2020. It has been impossible to pay with them in the trade network for almost a year, but they can be freely exchanged in banks for coins of current denominations or banknotes.

However, Ukrainians are in no hurry to exchange 25 kopiyka coins. In the last 11 months, National Bank has withdrawn only about 83.8 million pieces of such coins from cash circulation. This is 5% of the total number of these coins in circulation as of the beginning date of their withdrawal (on October 01, 2020 there were 1.67 billion pieces of coins with a face value of 25 kopiyka in circulation).

«Ukrainians still keep 1.5 billion 25 kopiyka coins. This is about 400 million hryvnias. These coins can no longer be used. They can lie for years in treasuries, pockets and on shelves, but also they can save the lives of children. Let's collect these coins together for the treatment of children with cancer," – urged Chairman of National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko.

It is planned that the main driving force of the campaign will be schoolchildren and students. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which joined the charity event, will help organize the collection of coins in educational institutions of Ukraine.

National Bank of Ukraine together with its partners counts on the active support of this campaign among citizens. "Today, we cannot stay away from social problems. It is especially important to involve children in helping others. The task of adults is to show children how to help those who need it. Teach children to be responsible and responsive now and in the future. This campaign is a great occasion to talk to children about the fact that there are different situations in life, that there are those whom we can help easily and quickly," – said Olha Kudinenko, the founder of Tabletochki Charity Foundation.

FUIB's Chairman of of the Board Serhiy Chernenko is convinced that all participants of the social initiative are able to make this project successful and help children in the fight against cancer, because partnership is always the driving force.

"FUIB is pleased to support the Coins for Children campaign". We are waiting for all those wishing to hand over coins in 173 branches of the bank throughout Ukraine. These are branches that have special equipment for counting coins. A small number of coins can be placed in the charity boxes, the collection of the box will be carried out as it is filled during the day. A large amount of coins can be immediately counted at the cash office and transferred without a fee to the Foundation's account. Together we will help children with cancer to get the necessary treatment and recover as soon as possible!" – said Andriy Bodyan, Director of FUIB Cash Collection Department.

How to join the initiative?

To join the campaign, you need to collect 25 kopiyka coins and in the period from September 01 to September 30, 2021 take them to the nearest branch of the partner bank. The bank will transfer these collected funds to the account of Tabletochki Charity Foundation.

Educational institutions' communities will also be able to take part in the charity campaign. This requires:

1. Register the educational institution to participate in the promotion here.

2. Start collecting coins among students.

3. Collect coins.

4. Take them to the nearest branch of the partner bank.

5. The bank will transfer the collected funds to the account of the Tabletochki Charity Foundation.

Oschadbank, Raiffeisen Bank, FUIB, OTP Bank, MTB Bank and Industrialbank became partner banks of the campaign.

The addresses of all branches of partner banks are indicated on a special information portal, where citizens will be able to transfer the collected coins to the account of the Tabletochki Foundation.

National Bank and Tabletochki Charitable Foundation, together with partner banks, invite Ukrainians to join the 25-kopiyka coin collection initiative.

"Let's join forces for the future of the little Ukrainians. Join the good cause and give life. Every coin is important,” – said Kyrylo Shevchenko, Chairman of National Bank of Ukraine.



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